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Tribble Troubles
Boldly go where no Tribble has gone before! For the first time ever, you can play as a Tribble in this exciting vertical climbing arcade game.
Tribble Troubles
You get caught on a ship doing what a Tribble does… eating all their quadrotriticale. And the captain, in a fit of rage, beams you into the center of a nearby planet whose molten lava core is rising! It’s up to you to jump, climb and squish your way to safety as you face off against countless obstacles and treacherous enemies.
Tribble Troubles
Venture through sixteen challenging levels across four unique environments where you’ll encounter pesky Glommers, spikey sand worms, relentless one-eyed apes, alien cats, and more! Collect gems along the way to purchase power-ups like shields and sonic attacks to help defend your lovable, scruffy Tribble.
Tribble Troubles
  • No ads; no in-app purchases!
  • All gamers are welcome with three difficulty levels to choose from
  • Complete missions to customize your Tribble with 20 unique outfits
  • Humorous cutscenes tell an all new, original story


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